growth groups @ Grace

The Growth Group ministry at Grace seeks to celebrate the community that we share in Christ.  We believe that regular participation in the community of a growth group is a vital part of one's spiritual growth.  Involvement in a small group also allows one to build up other Christ-followers through God’s Word and by using the gift(s) that Christ has given every believer for the benefit of the church.

While every Growth Group will vary to some degree based upon the age of the group members and the particular focus of the group every Growth Group at Grace will include:

1. A strong focus on knowing and applying God’s Word to our lives. 

2. A time dedicated to prayer. 

3. The opportunity to encourage one another toward greater Christ-likeness. 

You can find a current listing of the Growth Groups at Grace with information relevant to each particular group below. 

  • Student Growth group (7th-12 grades)

    Jr. High and High School students gather on Sundays at 9:45 AM in the Library Room to learn what the Bible teaches about God's will regarding relationships, attitudes, choices and many other relevant topics.

  • Home-Builders sunday Growth Group

    The Home-Builders Growth Group meets on Sundays at 9:45 AM with the purpose of assisting young married couples and parents to carefully and faithfully follow God's principles for Godliness in their personal lives, their marriage, family, church and workplace.  

  • Men of grace sunday Growth group

    God's Word has much to say about the kind of manhood that honors God by accepting leadership in the home, the church, and the community.  The 9:45 AM Men of Grace Sunday Growth Group challenges men to rise up to love and lead according to the "How-to" manual of God's Word.  The fellowship and encouragement of brothers in Christ is a wonderful benefit to move men closer to God's purposes and provisions in Christ.

  • women of grace sunday growth Group

    With special emphasis on learning and applying God's wisdom and practical principles for the experience of daily life, women meet together each Sunday at 9:45 AM to pray together, study together and encourage one another to be Christ-like in all relationships.

  • into the word sunday growth group (men and women)

    This combined adult group that meets on Sundays at 9:45 AM focuses on discovering God's truth from the Bible in order to live wisely in a world without God and a world in need of the truth.  Through practical Bible study and times of prayer, group members will find hope and help for the challenges of everyday life

  • Women in the word Tuesday morning growth group

    Warm fellowship in the Word with good friends and hot coffee!  This group meets in homes each Tuesday at 9 AM.  Please consult the Sunday bulletin for the current location